Paint Sprayer Or Paint Roller?

Paint Sprayer Or Paint Roller?

A painter’s job is one that requires not only skills but also proper equipment. A person’s skills in handling the job come from experience. While it affects his output of the job, the result can still be enhanced or made better if he is using the right equipment. That is why when it comes to proper equipment the debate as to whether a paint sprayer is better than a roller has been around for a long time now. Paint brush and rollers have been around the industry ahead of the sprayer so that they are already tried and tested.

Rollers are excellent for covering large, flat areas quickly. This is why it is the obvious choice when painting a wall or a ceiling. If that is the case, why should you choose a paint sprayer over a paint roller?

Let us take a closer look at how the roller stands against a paint sprayer.

Paint Sprayer vs Roller – Efficiency of Results

It is true that with rollers, you can easily cover a large portion of your painting project in a short time. However, the spray painter can cover the same area at a much faster rate. A spray painter provides a thick layer of coat so that a single spray achieves the same output that rollers achieve after the second coating. This means that because the painter no longer needs to do second coating, he can proceed to other areas and ultimately finish the entire project half the time it would take him if he is using a roller.

Even Finish

The paint roller, just like the paint brush does not always produce even finishes. The paint would usually be thicker where you initially landed the roller and gets thinner as you go on. This means that you have to make extra effort to even them out. However, even doing that would not yield to a completely smooth finish.

The paint sprayer lets out a fine mist of paint so that it evenly covers the area it encounters. As a result, the finish is a lot smoother and even.

Ease and Comfort

Spray painter also provides ease and comfort for its user. With paint rollers, you would need to strain your arms so much because on top of the upward-downward motion while painting, you also need to exert effort in controlling the roller. The longer time you spend in a project, the more tiring it becomes. Not so with spray painters.
Spray painters are lightweight and very easy to control. You only need one hand to point it and move around as you go through the project. This means that you can easily switch hands to allow the other to rest. This is something you cannot do with rollers.

Wide Range of Use

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a paint sprayer vs roller is that it can do not only the roller’s job but also that of the paint brush. Paint rollers would be inappropriate for small areas as well as for nooks and corners of walls. For these, you would need the paint brush. On the other hand, spray painters can easily deal with any project; big or small, flat surfaces or not.

Saving You Money

The other reason spray painters have become so popular is the huge monetary savings it passes on to the homeowner. Brushing and rolling an entire home can take weeks to accomplish. From an exterior painting technique standpoint, there is simply no comparison. Using a power sprayer cuts down on the amount of painters a contractor has to hire, as well as the time spent on labor to get the job done. All that means big savings for you, the homeowner, when it comes to the final bill.

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